Terms and Conditons

Quick Draw Mobile Phlebotomy Service PLLC is a private pay, HIPPA certified and compliant, mobile blood drawing service.
Our mission is to provide convenient, safe, professional care by a certified phlebotomist. Quick Draw will visit your home, facility, or office for a venipuncture blood draw(s), while bringing compassion, and kindness to
our community and surrounding areas.

Mobile service includes: travel to the client’s location, supplies used, blood processed in our mobile centrifuge, securing specimens in a temperature-
controlled cooler, and dropping off specimens at our preferred lab or the lab of the client’s choice in Moses Lake.

WE DO NOT BILL INSURANCE; you may seek reimbursement from your health insurance provider.

How to schedule an appointment: Visit www.quickdrawmobile.com

It is mandatory to upload a copy front and back of insurance card, valid photo ID, and copy of lab order. All lab orders must be signed by a provider and have diagnosis code(s). The lab will need this information for delivery and processing. An appointment will not be confirmed until lab orders, insurance card, and valid ID are received and processed via the website. We do not accept faxes or hard copies of paperwork. Lab results go directly to the ordering provider to our preferred lab, or the client’s lab of choice in Moses Lake. If you have any questions or concerns related to your pending lab(s) results, please contact your provider’s office. Quick Draw does not have access to your medical records, nor do we receive results. Our services are to provide mobile phlebotomy services only.

Quick Draw is not responsible for any errors that may occur after being delivered to the laboratory. Please be advised that our company is not responsible for any outstanding balances you may have with the lab. Any of the laboratories do have the right to decline the specimen(s) of a patient that may have an outstanding balance(s).

Cancellation Policy:

  • Please be considerate, an 8-hour notification is needed for cancellation.
  • No refund will be provided if less than 8 hours of notification is given.

Preparing for bloodwork:

Be hydrated, if you are uncertain of fasting or have any questions about prepping for your bloodwork, please reach out to your provider’s office. Any special instructions need to be clarified prior to making an appointment with Quick Draw Mobile Phlebotomy Service PLLC

Animal policy:

  • All animals need to be secured prior to your phlebotomist’s arrival.
  • In the event they are not secured, the phlebotomist will wait 10 minutes (strictly enforced), to place animal(s) into a holding facility, so your phlebotomist can perform your venous draw. If the animal cannot be secured quickly, we may have to reschedule a new time for your phlebotomist to come draw you again. We love animals, we don’t want any interruptions, accidental bumps, jumps, or kisses from your pet while doing a draw, If we must reschedule due to your pet not being secured, a refund will not be issued.


Quick Draw Mobile Phlebotomy Service PLLC will plan accordingly to leave early in the winter months for your scheduled appointment. If the phlebotomist is late due to weather conditions, you may proceed with the appointment or request another date and time for an appointment. Quick Draw Mobile Phlebotomy Service PLLC also reserves the right to cancel an appointment due to inclement weather. A refund may be requested within 30 days or a new appointment can be requested.

Unsuccessful draws:

In the event a draw is unsuccessful, a new appointment will be required. We will offer a discount of $30.00 on your next appointment.

Fee schedule:
Blood draws between the hours of:

  • 5am-7am $85.00
  • 8am-3pm $65.00
  • Same day Service (Stat Orders) – $120.00
  • Travel to Warden, Ephrata additional $30.00
  • Travel To Othello additional $50.00

Right to refuse service:

At any time your phlebotomist can refuse service for any reason. In the event this occurs, a refund will be issued immediately. Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, and charges will be pressed to the local jurisdiction. We will not deliver specimens outside of Moses Lake.

After Care Instructions:

It is important to keep pressure applied after a venipuncture blood draw for approximately 3-5 minutes, if bleeding had not yet stopped have the client raise their arm and maintain pressure. If the client is on any anti-clotting medication, pressure will need to be applied for long period of time 15-20 minutes. A venipuncture blood draw bruising can occur.

I have read and understand all terms and conditions affiliated with Quick Draw Phlebotomy Mobile Service PLLC. I have addressed all questions and concerns I may have prior to acknowledging this form of consent. I give full authorization to Quick Draw to perform services including, venipuncture blood draw, access to patient/client information such as insurance card/carrier, lab orders, valid photo ID, and transportation of specimen(s) to the preferred laboratory or laboratory chosen by the client in Moses Lake.